Bradley Cooper Is High On Life in ‘Limitless’


Relativity Media wants you to imagine how your life would change if you could just take a pill that allows you to become the perfect you. In my case, that would mean being able to eat one of those giant 10-pound burgers I see on the Food Network.

For Bradley Cooper’s character in director Neil Burger’s Limitless (previously entitled Dark Fields), the drug allows him to go from slacker/writer to motivated rich guy. Of course, he also finds the kind of trouble that one avoids by keeping their aspirations low.

Peep the trailer:

See? I’m telling you: stick to the 10-pound burger. You won’t get to bang Abbie Cornish, but you won’t feel like jumping off a tall building.

Based on the book by Alan Glynn, Dark Fields is the story of a struggling copy-writer (Cooper) who finds financial success after stealing an experimental pharmaceutical drug called MDT-48 that makes people smarter, but slows down their perception of time.

Limitless arrives in theaters on March 18, 2011.

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  1. This suit is just awesome. I need one just like this 😀