Rose McGowan Catches the Eye of ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Director


Jeepers Creepers director and convicted child molester Victor Salva has cast 37-year-old stunner Rose McGowan as the lead for his first film in five years Rosewood Lane. McGowen will play a TV talk show shrink who upon moving back home finds herself pitted against the paperboy who terrorized her father up until his death.

Explains Salva:

Rosewood Lane has been a pet project of mine for years now and what I have always regarded as one of my most terrifying stories. To see it finally come to life is wonderful.

Hmm. I’m sure the kid whose head Salva fuck-started has got some bone-chilling tales of his own. Considering the director’s past, will you support this flick? 

Rosewood Lane was shot in Los Angeles and is now wrapped. Stills from the film have been released and are posted below for your viewing pleasure.

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