Taryn Manning & Monica Keena Go Nude in ‘Manson Girls’


Got some news that will give you the hippie hippie shakes! Looks like sex and nudity will be a big part of Junction Films’ soon-to-start-shooting bio-pic Manson Girls. So reveals director Sussana Lo in her interview with stars Taryn Manning (8 Mile) and Monica Keena (Night of the Demons), posted on StayThirtsy.com.

In the interview, Manning and Keena, who play Charles Manson cult followers Sandra Good and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, respectively, assure the director that the sex and nudity to be shot in Manson Girls is not gratuitous and will—in all actuality—cure cancer, save whales, and feed a Haitian family of five for three weeks (what? I’m reading between the lines).

Says Manning:

I personally don’t have any issues with sex and nudity in art if its done in a manner which respects the female anatomy and sheds the most beautiful light on the species of the lady. I think the nudity required in Manson Girls is needed to tell an accurate story of how these people lived everyday lives, full of love and open hearts and minds.

Beautiful light has been respectfully shed on Manning’s anatomy many times before, most notably in 2003’s American Civil War drama Cold Mountain and 2005’s pimptastic Hustle & Flow. Keena, however, has managed to pay her rent without dropping trou. Thankfully, it appears that she has chosen Lo’s film to make her nude debut.

Says Keena:

Sex is a necessary part of this story. As is the nudity aspect of it. And no, I don’t think they will be shot in a gratuitous fashion. I’ve never done a sex scene or nudity in a film before, and I’ve always said I never would unless the movie was absolutely brilliant and the story really called for it and was necessary to move the piece along and was not shot in a gratuitous way. So there is your proof.

I don’t know about you folks, but I think Keena is a 100% correct. I always have trouble following a film’s story when there isn’t any nudity to help it move along (usually because I’m thinking ‘where the titties at’ shortly after the opening creds roll).

Monica Keena

Monica Keena

Manson Girls follows the lives of eight violent female Charles Manson cult followers. The film costars Heather Matarazzo (Hostel 2), Tania Raymonde (“LOST”), Brit Morgan (“True Blood”), Gillian Zinser (“90210”), Jennifer Landon (“As the World Turns”), Estella Warren (Planet of the Apes), Stella Maeve (“My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2″), Laura Harring (One Missed Call), and Bill Moseley as Charlie Manson.

Manson Girls is slated to start production next month in Los Angeles.

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