Arielle Kebbel Really Loves Her Horse (Of Course)!


A horse is a horse, of course of course, unless that horse is making your nipples hard.

Suggestive portrait photos of “Life Unexpected” star Arielle Kebbel and her horse have hit the web. The shots present the 26-year-old stunner in a variety of come-hither poses while going bra-less in a slinky white dress (see gallery below).

Kebbel, a 2002 Miss Florida Teen U.S.A. beauty pageant contestant, has starred in a number of frighteners, including The Uninvited, The Grudge 2, and the horror-spoof Vampires Suck. She’s also appeared on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and HBO’s “True Blood.”

Now, before you run off to get a bucket of KY Warming Gel and sit down to enjoy the photos, my self-imposed blogger’s code of ethics forces me to inform you that the horse in the pictorial is actually a mare named Breezy. Of course, your penis doesn’t need to know that.


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  1. I remember seeing Arielle in a High School aged band camp movie, and liking her face and absolutely needing to jerk off over her even though there were not any nude scenes of her, or really any revealing outfits that she wore. She had the type of face where I intuitively concluded that that she had prominent and sensitive nipples that would get very erect and “long” during sexual foreplay. I ejaculated quite hard just from imagining Arielle with very hard nipples, and now, years later, I see these pictures and I’m like: “OH-MY-FU★KING-GOD!!!”

  2. Totally agree with Dan she is so gorgeous I’d have her pussy on my face in an instant