Model/Actress Bjanka Murgel Finds ‘The Hidden’


Model-turned-actress Bjanka Murgel may have only been credited as “Arm Candy” in the 2008 Marvel Studios’ actioner Punisher: War Zone, but one look at the 5-foot-8 Canadian stunner will convince most guys that she’s a star (Photo: Erwin Loewen).

One such guy is director Antoine Thomas. His feature film debut The Hidden 3-D (not to be confused as a remake of the awesome 1987 sci-fi thriller The Hidden starring Kyle MacLachlan and bombshell Claudia Christian) stars Murgel as part of a group of people terrorized while exploring an old medical facility.

The synopsis reads:

When Brian Karter’s mother dies; he is surprised to learn that he has inherited The Sanctuary, home to her controversial experimental addiction treatment center. During a tour of the decrepit building with his friends and a mysterious associate of his mother, it becomes clear that something sinister lies beneath the surface.

Despite their misgivings, the group follows a secret passageway underground and comes to a terrible realization: Brian’s mother built a revolutionary machine that cured people of their addictions but, as a side effect, caused those addictions to materialize in the form of mutant children hungry for human flesh, now living in the bowels of the abandoned building.

With the mutant children hunting the group as prey, Brian and his friends fight to stay alive against the inconceivable and soon realize that some things are better left hidden.

There isn’t much info on Murgel’s character, but she at least has a name this time: Kimberly. And, judging from a couple of stills from the movie (see below), Kimberly wears sexy stockings.

The Hidden 3-D also stars Sean Clement (Bikini Party Massacre), Simonetta Solder (Mother of Tears), Jason Blicker (The Day After Tomorrow), and pretty up-and-comer Jordan Hayes (House at the End of the Street).

Peep pics from the film:

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