While looking up interracial lesbian porn and hot chili recipes online today, I came upon a trailer for Chilean director Patricio Vallardes incest-fueled survival thriller En Las Afueras de La Ciudad (gringo translation: Hidden in the Woods).

Peep it:

The synopsis reads:

Ana and Anny are two sisters whom have been raised in isolation, under the atrocity of drug dealing and the incestuous obsession of their grim father. Finally fed up with the abuse, the girls call the police and he’s put in jail, but not before killing two of the officers.

Free from their father, they now have to escape from Tío Costello, the local drug lord, who’s trying to recover a large amount of drugs hidden deep within the woods.

Produced by Vallastudio Films, the intense “horror-drama” stars busty starlets Carolina Escobar (pictured above) and Siboney Lo (“Playa Salvaje”) in a story inspired by true events. The film has yet to secure U.S. distribution, but will open in Chili in October.

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