Aspiring Albanian actress Antoinette Nikprelaj may only have a handful of uncredited and/or background roles under her belt, including that of “Mermaid” in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, but the 5-foot-7 stunner is hard to forget once you’ve seen her.

That’s why Nikprelaj fans will want to check out Vicious Circle Films’ upcoming slasher Exit 33, arriving on DVD on Aug. 2. The trailer regrettably focuses on Kane Hodder’s character so it’s hard to tell how meaty Nikprelaj’s part is, but at least her character has a name: Angie.

Peep it:

The flick’s synopsis reads:

A few miles off Exit 33 lies Ike’s Last Chance Gas, an old, forgotten hideaway where the reclusive Ike pumps gas and practices his taxidermy skills. Though he might come across as a simple soul, Ike has a dark secret: he’s obsessed with women who have enchanting eyes – eyes he wants to keep for himself.

Now, as four friends make their way to their 5-year high school reunion, they all make the mistake of taking Exit 33, and they won’t be making it back to the highway any time soon.

Exit 33 is directed by Tommy Brunswick (Jingles the Clown) and costars April Canning (A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3-D), Maria Hildreth (Naked Angel), Virgina Bryant (Jingles the Clown), John Anton (Deadheads), and Jerry Reid.

Nikprelaj can also be seen as “Boxing Fan” in DreamWorks upcoming Hugh Jackman vehicle Real Steel (Damn, now I gotta see that dorky film).

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