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Nina Dobrev, the pretty female lead on The CW’s runaway hit series “The Vampire Diaries,” used her hiatus from the show to shoot the Sam Jackson sci-fi actioner Arena. The film marks the directorial debut of FX guy Jonah Loop (A Perfect Getaway, Transporter 2).

Jackson plays the evil mastermind behind a website that pits abduction victims against each other in a virtual gladiator arena. The fate of each loser is decided by an online audience which, most often than not, chooses death as a penalty.

Peep it:

My mom says Arena is just a $10 million rehash of 2009’s Gamer and other countless fight-to-the-death thrillers. She says the visuals look shitty and that Tony Giglio, the guy who wrote the similarly plotted Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives, doesn’t inspire much hope.

But, what does she know? Parents just don’t understand. Arena doesn’t just star Dobrev; it costars Orbitz gum babe Vanessa Branch and sexy senorita Mayra Leal, the curvy naked chick from Robert Rodriguez’s Machete!!!

Hell, even the film’s vagina-less costars are an impressive lot: Daniel Dae Kim (”LOST”), James Remar (”Dexter”), Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) and Kellan Lutz (Twilight Saga). I don’t know. Maybe, I’ll just wait for the third season of “The Vampire Diaries” to begin on Sept. 15.

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