Madeleine Stowe Knows You Hate Rich People & Want ‘Revenge’


There’s a good chance that the new ABC series “Revenge” doesn’t fall into what we normally cover on Clatto, but it does deal with malicious payback—a theme we relate to because we really fucking hate everybody (Except you. You guys are special, and not in a short bus way).

“Everwood” and “Brothers & Sisters” actress Emily VanCamp stars in the series as a young woman out to bring down the wealthy Hamptons set that destroyed her father. Costar Madeleine Stowe, the sexy old-school star of such genre favs as Unlawful Entry, Blink, and 12 Monkeys, spoke about the show’s appeal at the TCA (Television Critics Association).

She later elaborated to Deadline:

We all know that we’re heading toward very interesting times. I don’t know where our country is going to be. But I think the idea of being able to observe these over privileged people who have everything at their fingertips and at their beck and call given a comeuppance might be sort of a vicarious thrill for the audience.

I think everyone’s feeling their lives starting to slip. So to be able to turn on the tube for one hour and see this sort of escapist fantasy that has a really dark heart I think could be satisfying…There’s almost an Upstairs Downstairs quality to what we’re doing on this show.

Stowe plays primary antagonist on the show.

“Revenge” will premiere on ABC on Sept. 21. The show will air Wednesday nights at 10.

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