Happy Halloween from Clatto … We Got You Some Spiders!


So … the wife and I found ourselves down at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles this weekend to partake in their annual Spider Pavilion event. The show, which presents a variety of exotic spiders brought in from around the world, runs from now until Nov. 6.

The deadly species are kept encased in a viewing area, while the harmless—but still very creepy—arachnids are housed in a walk-thru landscaped area, where they spin their webs freely, feed on bugs, and occasionally drop down to scare the curds and whey out of visitors.

Over the Halloween weekend, the Spider Pavilion was held at night. Aided by small complimentary flashlights and buckets of alcohol (consumed prior to the event), Mrs. Muertos and I braved the experience and even took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Halloween!

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