‘Chuck’ Starlet Mekenna Melvin Dives Into ‘Amber Lake’


“Chuck” recurring Mekenna Melvin (pictured center) stars in writer/director Joe Robert Cole’s feature film debut Amber Lake, a murder mystery co-written by Melvin and costars Polly Cole (Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights) and Natalie Smyka (Across the Hall).

Peep it:

The synopsis reads:

Three half-sisters, after being invited to their father’s lake house to meet him and each other for the first time, are each questioned by a local sheriff to explain the events that took place leading up to the discovery of their father floating dead in the lake.

Using a Rashomon effect, each sister gives a slightly different account of the events, with each version pointing a finger at a different sister, while the sheriff must sort through the details to find out what really happened. What he discovers in the end is not what he expected.

If, like me, you thought Rashomon was a Jewish holiday, it’s not. The Rashomon effect refers to how different people remember shared occurrences with a varying degree of details. The term’s origin goes back to renowned Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 crime film Rashomon.

Melvin is best known for her work on the NBC’s comedic spy series “Chuck,” now on its fifth and last season. She plays Alexandra McHugh, daughter to super-spy Alex Coburn/John Casey (Adam Baldwin) and love interest to Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) BFF Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez).

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