Over the summer, Maya Entertainment promoted their psycho-bitch thriller Playing House by giving fans an opportunity to win a date with the film’s super-sexy star Mayra Leal. A gringo-square named Mark from Los Angeles won the contest and was treated to dinner with Leal at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood.

The 5-foot-3, Texas-born Latin stunner, best known for her nude role in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, spoke during the date about her big, moist lips, going naked in movies and the effect it has had on her Facebook page, and her love of pork.

Mark asked about her zodiac sign (because favorite color is too risque on a first date), opined that she should do Telemundo (way to pigeonhole, dude), and proceeded to perform an awkward impersonation of an effeminate Latin lover. Needless to say, Leal was quick to drop the “F’ word (“We’re friends”).

Peep it:

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