“Eureka” starlet Jaime Ray Newman is set to star in Red Robin, a Michael Z. Wechsler-directed mind-control thriller about a man who manipulates people into accepting a delicious gourmet burger on their birthday.

Oh, wait. Here’s an accurate plot crunch courtesy of Variety:

A family reunion on a famed psychiatrist’s (Judd Hirsch) death bed spirals into chaos when he’s accused of using his many adopted children for the purposes of dark experiments in mind control.

Judd Hirsch? They should just call this Red Box.

Well, at least fans of the Syfy series “Eureka” will get a chance to peep Jaime Ray Newman in a new genre. The alluring 33-year-old redhead plays unconventional astrophysicist Tess Fontana on the show.

Newman also starred opposite Rebecca Romijn and Lindsay Price as an element-controlling witch with healing powers on ABC’s short-lived TV series Eastwick, an adaptation of author John Updike’s novel “The Witches of Eastwick.”

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