Fifty abducted women. Fifty abducted hot women. Made to fight to the death. Not with pillows, mud and/or Jell-O, but with their bare knuckles. This is the premise behind what will surely be one of the greatest movies you and your penis will ever see.

Raze: Fight or Die, described by its producers as a cross between Fight Club and Hostel, stars Rachel Nichols (Conan) and Zoe Bell (Death Proof)as kidnap victims made to go toe-to-toe for the entertainment of rich people. The film marks the feature directorial debut of Josh C. Waller.

Costars include drop-dead stunners Rebecca Marshall (Saw 3-D), Nicole Steinwedell (“The Unit”), Adrienne Wilkinson (“Xena: Warrior Princess”), Tara Macken (“Sons of Anarchy”), Amy Johnston, Victoria Cruz (Reach), Brianna Gage (“Bri What”), Bailey Borders (The Change-Up) and Allene Quincy.

Peep some pics below and visit the film’s new website here.

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