Natasha Yarovenko Meets the Bear Jew in ‘Aftershock’ Trailer!


The only thing more terrifying than mother nature is human nature mother fuckers. That is the lesson being taught in producer Eli Roth’s Aftershock, a disaster flick set during the aftermath of the 2010 Chilean earthquake.

Chilean director Nicolás López (Que Pena Tu Vida) helms the project that stars Roth, Ariel Levy and Nicolás Martínez as dudes whose efforts to get laid by sisters Lorenza Izzo and Andrea Osvárt and their Russian model girlfriend Natasha Yarovenko (pictured) are thwarted when an earthquake hits.

Things go from bad to muy malo when the group digs its way out of the rubble to find that the entire city has gone ape shit—looting, killing, raping and littering.

Peep it:

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