Playboy Model Christa Campbell Will Set Your Fly Free in ‘Spiders 3-D’


Millennium Entertainment has set a Feb. 8 limited theatrical release and VOD date for director Tibor Takacs’ (The Gate) mutant arachnids frightener Spiders 3-D. The PG-13 film will be made available on DVD and Blu-ray on March 12.

The synopsis reads:

Harkening back to the beloved creature features from the 50’s and the 60’s, Spiders 3-D centers on mutant spiders created by pieces of material from a disabled Soviet space station that crash lands on Earth.

With New York City threatened to be overrun by the gigantic killer spiders who have invaded the metropolitan subway system, it’s a race against time to stop the Queen Spider from uniting with her eggs before a deadly chain of events are triggered from the deadly reunion.

Spiders 3-D stars scream queen and Playboy model Christa Campbell (pictured above) as New York City’s hottest health inspector ever. Costars include Patrick Muldoon (Starship Troopers), Johnny Yong Bosch (Insidious), William Hope (Sherlock Holmes), Shelly Varod (Universal Soldier: Regeneration), and Jon Mack (Saw 6).

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