“What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” isn’t such a fun motto when what’s left behind is your kidney. That’s what five best buds discover when they’re lured by gorgeous strippers to an organ trafficker during a night of drunken debauchery.

Described as The Hangover meets Hostel, Stripped is directed by J.M.R. Luna and stars Nathalie Walker, Jenni Burns, and Greek model Christina Aloupi (pictured) as the malicious lapdancers and Nicole Sienna, Joshua Cole, Carson Aune, Alvaro Orlando and Joseph Buttler as the ill-fated friends.

Electra Avellan of the Avellan Twins, stars of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror and the Machete franchise, is a producer on the film, slated for DVD release on May 14 from Inception Media. To cash in on some pics and info, visit StrippedtheMovie.

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