Jessica Cameron Seals the Deal In ‘Open House’


Canadian starlet Jessica Cameron plays a slutty real estate agent willing to open her legs to close a deal in director Brian Troxell’s (Intrusive Behavior) upcoming torture flick Open House. While that sounds like the premise of a feel-good movie, things get ugly when her kid grows up to become a serial killer.

The synopsis reads:

When Wardell Subotsky (Russ Forga) was 8 years old, his mother (Cameron) made ends meet by working as a real estate agent. After witnessing her countless sexual favors to get the properties sold, he grows up believing all agents are whores.

Now in his late 40’s, Wardell puts his own home on the market but is thrown into a mental tailspin as the selling agent (Mel Heflin) is a spitting image of his mother. Convinced she, too, is a whore, Wardell abducts her in an attempt to show her the error of her ways.

Wait a minute… maybe this is a feel-good movie after all!

Horror fans may recognize Cameron from Anchor Bay’s Silent Night remake and its 2011 creature-feature Camel Spiders. She will next be seen in director Toby Osborneā€™s gleefully twisted family-abduction thriller Virginia Obscura and in her own directorial debut, the gruesome slasher titled Truth or Dare.

Peep the trailer here.

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