Bai Ling Is a Total Witch In ‘Demoniacs’


Chinese starlet Bai Ling plays a warrior witch in writer and director Brian Feeney’s Demoniacs, a supernatural thriller set in Italy that pits a married couple against a coven of witches. Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End) and Ellary Porterfield (“Hidden Palms”) co-star as the couple.

According to Fangoria, Demoniacs is slated to roll camera in Rome this October. Veteran Sergio Stivaletti (Mother of Tears, Demons) is handling the film’s effects.

Ling is coming off The Asylum’s Clash of the Empires, formerly titled Age of the Hobbits up until Warner Bros, New Line and MGM sued the shit out of them. Ling is best known in the U.S. for playing psycho hooker Ria in Crank: High Voltage and bad-girl Myca in The Crow.

Sergio Stivaletti.

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