Radha Mitchell is Worth the ‘Sacrifice’


Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) is set to star in Sacrifice, a cult-thriller from Flightplan writer and Stag Night director Peter A. Dowling. Based on the novel by S.J. Bolton, the film finds Mitchell playing an obstetrician who discovers under her new home the mutilated body of a woman buried shortly after giving birth.

Sacrifice will shoot in Dublin in March. Co-stars include Rupert Graves (“Sherlock Holmes”) as Mitchell’s husband and Colm Meany (“Hell on Wheels”).

Mitchell is coming off the serial killer dramas Frozen Ground and Evidence. She’s also starred in the Silent Hill franchise, the sci-fi actioners Pitch Black and Surrogates, Greg Mclean’s giant-croc thriller Rogue and 2010’s remake of George Romero’s classic viral outbreak thriller The Crazies.

Peter A. Dowling

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