Vanessa Hudgens Teases True Crime Thriller ‘Frozen Ground’


Lionsgate has released a new trailer for writer/director Scott Walker’s Frozen Ground. In theaters Aug. 23, the film is based on the true story of Robert Hansen, an Anchorage-based serial killer who over a 12-year span murdered 24 women by hunting them down like game in the Alaskan wilderness.

Frozen Ground stars John Cusack as Hansen, Nicolas Cage as the detective who brings him to justice, Radha Mitchell as his wife and Vanessa Hudgens as the teen stripper/prostitute who managed to escape from Hansen after being abducted, raped, and sexually assaulted with a hammer.

According to Clatto informants who caught early screenings of the film, Frozen Ground is a solid thriller but sadly shies away from exploring the sexual depravity fueling Hansen’s crimes. Personally, I blame your immaturity over nudity for the filmmakers decision to deprive of us of boobies.

Hudgens introduces the trailer:

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