It’s game on for SAW fans! The James Wan-directed horror classic returns to the big screen this Halloween for one week in honor of its 10 year anniversary. Starring Tobin Bell in the iconic role of John Kramer, AKA Jigsaw, and Shawnee Smith as his apprentice Amanda Young, the film spawned six sequels, earning more than $800 million worldwide.

In 2010, the SAW franchise was named the Most Successful Horror Movie Series by Guinness World Records. Talk of a reboot has been ongoing since the series drew to a close four years ago with the release of SAW VII. The SAW re-release could be a testing of the waters, designed to measure public interest.

Clatto, for one, would give its left foot to see a Jigsaw comeback, but Bell and Smith need to be a part of it. SAW hits theaters this Halloween on Oct. 31. See ya there!

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