The 5 Hottest Nude-Acting Performances in Horror 2015!


The very best in female nude acting is once again celebrated in Clatto’s second annual list of The 5 Hottest Nude-Acting Performances in Horror. This year’s picks include a group of international movie starlets, an all-American TV star, and a fledgling body-double in her first major cable network show.

The power of female nudity is in its purity and vulnerability (male nudity is just gross). Any actress can emote with words, timing, and experience, but it takes a entirely different set of skills and talent to make us care for a character solely based on the size of her boobs and shape of her tush.

We salute these nude thespians and ask you to comment and contribute in the comments. Take a peek at our inaugural list and don’t miss our list of The 10 Sexiest Horror Films of 2015.



Swedish actress Alicia Vikander has been showered with accolades for her mesmerizing performance as Ava the android in the acclaimed sci-fi thriller Ex Machina. The praise is worthy and Vikander’s nude acting formidable, but our honoree proves mystery is always a powerful aphrodisiac.

Sonoya Mizuno plays mute assistant Kyoko, one of many hot android chicks created by a software company mogul looking to build the most human-like AI robotics possible. While Mizuno doesn’t get the screen time Vikander does as the movie’s lead, she is captivating in every nude scene she’s in. She’s also a lean, mean, dancing machine!



Cuban stunner Ana de Armas (El Callejon) and Chilean model-turned-actress Lorenza Izzo (Green Inferno) play the home invading hotties in Knock Knock, a psycho-sexual thriller mixing every married man’s greatest fantasy with his worst nightmare.

Eli Roth directs and Keanu Reeves stars as a happily married man who regrettably allows the girls into his home while his family is away. They playfully seduce Reeves into sex, but soon reveal their game is anything but playful when they wreak havoc on his property and person, punishment for his infidelity.

Armas and Izzo bounce off each other seamlessly, injecting humor and fear and, of course, stroke-value to the film. There’s no way one works without the other so we acknowledge them together as a nude-acting team.



Nadia Hilker plays Louise, an Italian genetics student caught in a romance with an American suitor in Italy. Like most women, she has secrets that make her mysterious and all the more attractive. She’s also got a wardrobe of breezy skirts, sexy dresses, and clingy sweaters and tops — all of which tease a killer body… literally.

Louise is in the midst of a transforming into a hideous creature capable of devouring her lover. Common sense tells him to run for the hills, but Hilker is just too hot for a down-and-out loser looking for a new lease on life to pass up. Hilker’s nude acting only comes into play twice, but it’s alluring enough to understand her suitor’s plight.



“Angel” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Charisma Carpenter turns in an Oscar-worthy nude performance in TheAsylum’s Bound, a Fifty Shades of Grey knockoff about a sexually repressed MILF who discovers the BDSM lifestyle at the hands of a younger man.

Carpenter, who has not gone nude since 2006’s Flirting with Danger, lets it all hang out as real estate broker Michelle Milan, a beautiful forty-something single mom with daddy issues and a compelling hunger to be degraded. When young, sadistic degenerate Ryan enters her life, she happily hands over her dignity and vagina.

Ryan keeps her naked in a dungeon throughout most of the film, taking breaks to eat her out in her daddy’s office and to humiliate her in front of business partners by masturbating her via remote controlled vibrating panties. Carpenter soon sees herself as a “messy whore” and allows Ryan to get away with banging her 17 yo hot daughter.

Carpenter’s dedication to the role is mind-blowing, especially when considering the production is for TheAsylum and will only bring her ridicule and bad reviews. Maybe, just maybe, Carpenter has a little Michelle in her — a need to be abused? Or, perhaps, it was just a nice payday. Either way, her nude acting talents are tremendously appreciated.



If you’re asking yourself who is Rebecca Van Cleave and why is she acknowledged on our esteemed list of nude acting for Lena Headey’s role as Queen Cersei Lannister on HBO’s acclaimed fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” we’re about to poop on your parade.

In what is easily the longest walk of shame ever, Cersei Lannister is forced to make her way through the streets of King’s Landing completely naked for townsfolk to pelt her with food and feces as punishment for acts of incest and adultery. The scene is long and leering and intense and, well, hot beyond belief!

Rebecca Van Cleave (Body Double)

Rebecca Van Cleave (Body Double)

Cersei’s body is gorgeous and her vulnerability enthralling. Headey handles the facial emotions, but it’s fledgling actress Cleave who serves as body-double, providing the images that lingered with us in the shower long after the show ended its season.

Headey, no stranger to nudity, opted for a body-double when it became clear her second pregnancy would interfere with the scene’s stroke-value, opening the door for Cleave to win fans over with nothing but her nude, curvy body. Every painful stumble, every heartbreaking fall, every mesmerizing jiggle is Cleave’s — an undeniable master of nude acting.

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