Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny stars in author Bret Easton Ellis’ (“American Psycho”) upcoming directorial debut series “The Deleted.” Set to premiere later this year on streaming service Fullscreen, the show centers on a group of escaped cult victims troubled by a sudden string of abductions in Los Angeles.

Cerny plays an active cult member on a mission to track down and bring back those who have fled her community. Ellis, who in addition to “American Psycho” wrote the acclaimed page-turners “Rules of Attraction,” “Less Than Zero,” and “The Informers,” is also handling writing duties for the show.

We have no idea what Fullscreen is and are a little bummed “The Deleted” isn’t on a bigger and more popular platform, but something tells us Cerny will be fun to watch and, of course, one can always count on Ellis to deliver some seriously enjoyable fucked up shit no matter how he chooses to do so.

Photo: Mat Abad/ High Snobiety

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