‘Westworld’s’ Thandie Newton Loves Her Vagina… We Do Too!


Thandie Newton plays brothel madam Maeve on HBO’s “Westworld,” a re-imagining of the 1973 sci-fi classic about androids run amok in an amusement park for humans to indulge in their lust for blood and sex. Newton goes nude in the show’s second episode, “Chestnut.”

Though the nudity is handled tastefully and with a lot of regrettably strategic shadow, performing the scene appears to have put Newton in touch with the power of her vagina.

She tells Collider:

When I was naked, people were really respectful and in awe of my “bravery.” The thing about sexy, lacy undies is that you’re covering up the sacred stuff, so that you can forget about that. You’re inviting people to think about what’s underneath, but not see what’s underneath.

It’s the allure of the unknown. You’re inviting hysteria with your boobs that are nearly showing nipple and your skirt that’s nearly showing muff. You’re exciting this hysteria that leads to a lack of control, which then leads to, “It wasn’t my fault.”

But naked, I have all the power because I got there before you did, and what is actually there is vulnerable, life-giving and hasn’t been tampered with. I don’t wax or anything. All of the hosts have full body hair because it’s more period, and even that it shocking.

I haven’t done anything to try to invite you in to think about my clitoris, my labia or my vagina. I’ve left myself as I am. And that was really empowering.

You’re thinking about her clit, aren’t you?

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