Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming original series “Mindhunter.” Produced by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron and acclaimed director David Fincher (Se7en), the show is based on renowned FBI profiler John Douglas and novelist Mark Olshaker’s book, Mind Hunter:Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit.

“Mindhunter” recounts Douglas’ experiences tracking down serial killers and rapists while pioneering profiling techniques used by the Bureau today. He was the inspiration for agent Jack Crawford in Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter novels and the Frank Black character in Chris Carter’s “Millennium” series.

Douglas has profiled such noted monsters as JohnWayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz (aka: Son of Sam), Charles Manson, James Earl Ray, Edmund Kemper (aka: the Coed Killer), Richard Speck, and countless others.

Douglas retired in the mid-nineties, but continued to consult in such high-profile cases as The Unabomber, the Nicole Brown Simpson/ Ron Goldman murders, and the JonBenet Ramsey homicide.

“Mindhunter” premieres on Netflix in October. It stars Jonathan Groff (”Glee”), Holt McCallanay (Alien3), Cotter Smith (You Don’t Know Jack), Hannah Gross (”Unless”), and Anna Torv (“Fringe“).

Peep it:

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