Serinda Swan Breaks Out as Medusa On ‘Inhumans’


“Graceland” and “Breakout Kings” stunner Serinda Swan is set to play Medusa in Marvel’s new ABC series “Inhumans,” premiering this fall with an eight episode season.  The series centers on the Inhuman Royal Family, a race of superhumans created by aliens through experiments on primitive man.

Swan’s Medusa doesn’t rock snakes for hair, but instead has beautiful flowing red tresses she can animate through psychokinesis and use as a weapon and to carry out a variety of tasks. She is the queen of the Inhumans, a warrior who is also wife and trusted advisor to King Black Bolt (Anson Mount).

Swan played Aphrodite in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief and sorceress Zatanna Zatara on The CW’s “Smallville.” Fright fans may recognize her from monster movie Creature and creepy supernatural thriller Jinn. She’s best known for playing bounty hunter Erica Reed on A&E’s “Breakout Kings” and DEA agent Paige Arkin on USA’s “Graceland.”

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