How Salma Hayek Was Duped Into Stripping!


Salma Hayek remains one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women and her iconic From Dusk Till Dawn scene as stripping serpent queen Santanico Pandemonium can only be described as stroker’s cocaine. Hayek reminisced with Yahoo about getting the gig, fear of snakes, director Robert Rodriguez and writer Quentin Tarantino.

According to Hayek, the part came about when Rodriguez was auditioning strippers for a brief part in his and Tarantino’s Four Rooms and, well, just couldn’t find a good one! Hayek came to the rescue despite her hesitation to strip on camera. Tarantino saw the footage and wrote the Satanico Pandemonium role for Hayek.

The whole story is fun and sexy to hear Hayek tell it, but if you’ve seen the Four Rooms scene, you know Rodriguez’s mom could have done it and he and Tarantino just wanted to get Hayek to strip!

Peep it:

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