Barbara Nedeljakova Is the Cat’s Meow In ‘Hell’s Kitty’


Horror fans first caught an eyeful of Czech stunner Barbara Nedeljakova 13 years ago as lethal honeytrap Natalya in Eli Roth’s gruesome classic Hostel. She’s since held roles in a string of indie frighteners, including Children of the Corn: Genesis, Hike, L.A. Slasher, Sky Sharks, and Strippers vs. Werewolves.

Nedeljakova now adds Hell’s Kitty to her resume and it looks … well, it doesn’t matter what it looks like – we’d watch her pick the toe jam off her feet. But so you know… Hell’s Kitty is a horror-comedy about a dude whose demonic house cat kills all the hot ladies in his life.

Peep it:

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