Final ‘Predator’ Trailer Finally w/ More Olivia Munn & Yvonne Strahovski!


Twentieth Century Fox will release on Sept. 14 The Predator, a reboot of the popular franchise first introduced in 1987 as an Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi actioner. Shane Black (Iron Man 3) directs from a script he co-wrote with Monster Squad writer/director Fred Dekker.

This time out, the Predators are inadvertently brought to earth by an autistic kid’s stupid goof and must be stopped by a group of ex-military soldiers and a hot science teacher, played by Olivia Munn — finally getting more screen time on the final trailer.

We also get a peek at Yvonne Strahovski — sadly she’s Corky’s mom and not Munn’s sultry lesbian lover 🙁 The Predator arrives in theaters Sept. 14.

Peep it:

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