Sad Sack Superheroes Slay Us in DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’


DC Universe has released an extended trailer for “Doom Patrol,” its small screen adaptation of the comic about a group of traumatized and downtrodden accident victims who develop super powers shortly after surviving each tragedy.

Freaks include Brendan Fraser as Robotman, a race car driver whose body is destroyed in a race; Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody, a shadow figure once experimented on by Nazis; Matt Bomer as Negative Man, a test pilot struck by negative energy and the urge to fuck dudes behind his poor wife’s back.

Joivan Wade is Cyborg, a hybrid with identy issues. Diane Guerrero is Crazy Jane, a hot chick with 64 personlities–each with a superpower of its own. April Bowlby is Elasti-Woman, a hot chick who’d be fun at bachelor parties. Timothy Dalton plays The Chief, a mad scientist giving them purpose.

Peep it:

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