Kate Beckinsale Gives Us a ‘Jolt’


Stunner Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) is set to star in Jolt, a revenge thriller from director Tanya Wexler (Hysteria) and new scribe Scott Wascha. Beckinsale plays a female bouncer who wears a shock vest to keep her from murdering those who piss her off.

Shit hits the fan, however, when the first man she’s ever loved is murdered and she sets out to violently avenge his death while avoiding capture from the cops who’ve named her the prime suspect.

Beckinsale, best known for her role as sexy death dealer Selene in Screen Gems’ popular Underworld franchise, is coming off the Amazon Prime mystery series “The Widow.” She’s also starred in such notable films as Stephen Sommers’ 2004 vampire-thriller Van Helsing, Nimrod Antal’s Vacancy, the Adam Sandler sci-fi dramedy Click, and 2012’s Total Recall reboot.

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