Freida Pinto Goes Nude In Apocalyptic Thriller ‘Only’


Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto’s goes nude in Only, an apocalyptic thriller about a plague that is wiping out women, making survivors valuable to men who hope to impregnate them and a target for those looking to enjoy nonconsensual sexy time with them.

Pinto plays one of the hottest survivors alive. She must evade hunters eager to sell her ovaries to the government for a bounty and horny dudes who recognize her slamming body despite her efforts to hide it.

Early reviews have been harsh and dismiss the flick as a crappy spin on Y: The Last Man, but to us it’s more reminiscent of the 2002 adult film classic, Whore Hunters—which features a hill-billy hunter taking down a female with an arrow shot to the butthole! We’re sure Only doesn’t have anything remotely as hot, but Pinto nude is good enough!

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