‘LOST’s Elizabeth Mitchell Joins Preachy ‘Witch Hunt’ Thriller!


We miss ABC’s “LOST” for a variety of reasons and one of them is Elizabeth Mitchell, who played sexy, cool fertility doctor Juliet Burke. Mitchell continued to thrill on the small screen on the short-lived “V” reboot and gone-as-it-was-getting-good “Revolution.” She killed on the big screen in 2016’s awesome Purge: Election Year.

Now Mitchell is back in Witch Hunt, a thriller that finds witchcraft illegal in modern day America and two young witches on the run to Mexico in search of asylum.

Director Elle Callahan said:

For me, Witch Hunt is an opportunity to turn the camera back on ourselves and show what’s possible in a society where irrational fears take favor over common decency.

Oh, brother. Here’s hoping we get some “True Blood” magic mixed in with that slice of preach pie. Regardless, we’ll take our Elizabeth Mitchell where we can find her.

Cameras roll this summer in Los Angeles.

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