Join Jake Gyllenhaal On-the-Set of ‘Prince of Persia’


Disney’s film adaptation of Ubisoft’s hit video game Prince of Persia: Sands of Time arrives in theaters on May 28, 2010. The fantasy-actioner is directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and scripted by Jordan Mechner, creator of the Prince of Persia game. Jerry Bruckheimer (Transformers) produces.

The following is BTS footage of the film focusing on star Jake Gyllenhaal (Zodiac, Donnie Darko):

I gotta say, up until now, the only Persian thing that got me excited was the Soltani dish at Darband’s in LA. But, this flick looks pretty fun. To see a trailer, click here.

Also, a happy birthday to Mr. Gyllenhaal! He turns 29 today.


Playboy’s Angelica Jansson Featured on ‘Mara’ Poster!


This is the official poster for Film Koncept Scandinavia’s upcoming chiller Mara. The film stars Scandinavian Playboy model Angelica Jansson and features a supporting cast of hot Swedish babes.  To see images and some sexy vids featuring Jansson, click here.

(UPDATE: To see Angelica Jansson in ‘Mara’ trailer & BTS photos, go here.)

(UPDATE: To see nude & semi-nude pictures of Angelica Jansson, go here)


The synopsis reads:

Jenny (Angelica Jansson) is a young woman with a dark past. During her childhood she witnessed something terrifying that scarred her for life. Now, ten years later years later, Jenny has created a new life of her own.

In the last days of summer, in the deep, dark woods of Sweden, Jenny and four friends gather in a cozy cottage for a weekend of partying, fun and relaxation.  This abruptly ends when Jenny wakes up in the morning to find herself alone in the cottage. Thinking that her friends are playing a prank on her she goes searching for them- but they are gone without a trace. Yet, where would they go in the middle of the woods? And why is the car still parked out front?  Jenny spends a torturous day waiting for her friends to return.

As darkness once again engulfs the cottage, Jenny must face the fact that she has been left alone. In the darkness. In the middle of nowhere. Or has she?  Is she really all alone?  No. SomeTHING is out there in the woods. A ghost, perhaps. Or a creature. Or somebody from Jenny’s frightening past.  As the night grows darker, shadowy figures haunt the cottage. Unrecognizable voices whisper Jenny’s name. Nightmares come to life. Is Jenny losing her mind?  Evil closes in as the story reaches its blood-soaked, twisted conclusion.

Mara is slated for a Feb. release.


Slipknot Release Twisted New Short for ‘Snuff’


Following in Slayer’s very heavy footsteps, Iowa-based metal outfit Slipknot have released a film short for their latest single “Snuff.” Directed by M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan and photographer P.R. Brown, the short features cameos from Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser, Warlock 3) and Malcolm McDowell (Book of Eli, Clockwork Orange).

The synopsis reads:

There’s nothing more complicated in life than love. To be in love makes you do strange things. To lose that love, well, you might go crazy.

Slipknot is celebrating their 10th year anniversary. “Snuff” is the fifth single from the band’s All Hope is Gone disc.

Check out the short: