Slipknot Release Twisted New Short for ‘Snuff’


Following in Slayer’s very heavy footsteps, Iowa-based metal outfit Slipknot have released a film short for their latest single “Snuff.” Directed by M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan and photographer P.R. Brown, the short features cameos from Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser, Warlock 3) and Malcolm McDowell (Book of Eli, Clockwork Orange).

The synopsis reads:

There’s nothing more complicated in life than love. To be in love makes you do strange things. To lose that love, well, you might go crazy.

Slipknot is celebrating their 10th year anniversary. “Snuff” is the fifth single from the band’s All Hope is Gone disc.

Check out the short:

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  1. el video es una pasada esta wapisimo

  2. the music vedio Snuff relates to my life and i definitly understood what corey was goin trohgh in his life. there right there is nothing more cmplicating in life than love. to be in love makes you do strange things. to lose that love, well you might go crazy….

  3. Epic song and I completely understand what your saying Daniel and I agree.

  4. Caraca Fiih Esses Cara Sao Sikas Amoooh Vc slipknot

  5. slipknot Amooh Vc !! Corey Amooh Vc! Talor