‘Lost’ & Found: See Michael Emerson in 1992 Prison Guard Training Video!


First we got to see Evangeline Lilly’s phone sex ads, now we have Michael Emerson’s acting performance in an 18-year-old training video made for rookie prison guards.

I’m freaking out. It’s as if we’re getting a glimpse at a flash-sideways showing us what could have become of Lilly and Emerson had they not been cast on ABC’s hit series “LOST.”

Man, watching that, I just kept waiting for Emerson to work his bug-eyed mojo and get the inmate to believe that he should stay in prison because Jacob said so. Of course, that would occur right after the prisoner punched Emerson 300 times in the face.

Emerson won an Emmy award this year for his portrayal of genius puppet-master Benjamin Linus on ABC’s “LOST,” currently on its sixth and final season.

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