Naomi Watts Will Get Wet in ‘The Impossible’


Summit Entertainment is doing The Impossible with Aussie starlet Naomi Watts and former Jedi-master Ewan McGregor.

Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage), The Impossible is said to be set during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that caused a tsunami to hit the coast of Thailand, leaving thousands dead and/or missing in its wake.

According to Spanish news site diaroinformacion.com, Bayona will incorporate elements of horror, mystery and sci-fi into the story. Let’s hope he also adds a thin white t-shirt to Watt’s wardrobe during the movie’s rainy parts.

Watts was named one of Clatto’s Ten Hottest Horror/Sci-fi Babes of the Past Decade.

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  1. Seeing gorgeous Naomi in a wet white t-shirt sounds super to me!