Feliz Cinco de Mayo from ‘Machete’


Director Robert Rodriguez has cut an “illegal” trailer for his upcoming Mexploitation revenge-thriller Machete. The clip includes a Cinco de Mayo dedication to the state of Arizona from the film’s star Danny Trejo. But, rather, than provide me with the exclusive, Rodriguez chose to give it to the fat white guy over at Ain’t It Cool. Fucking race traitor.

Anyway, mira esto, putos:

Machete’s star-studded cast includes Robert De NiroJessica Alba (as masturbating identical twins), bad-bitch Michelle Rodriguez, home-wrecker Rose McGowen, Cheech Marin (as an ass-kicking priest), former martial arts movie star Steven Seagal, Don “Crockett” Johnson, jeff Fahey of “LOST” and a reportedly topless Lindsay Lohan.

The film swings into theaters on Sept. 3.

If illegal immigrant horror is your thing, make sure to check out Undocumented, starring Alona Tal.

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