Amber Heard Wears Shorts, Shoots Guns, & Drives Angry!


The folks at Summit Entertainment are pulling out all the stops to promote director Patrick Lussier’s insanely awesome supernatural road-rager Drive Angry 3-D. Along with releasing a nude clip of former “NYPD Blue” starlet Charlotte Ross banging Nicolas Cage, the studio has provided photos of female lead Amber Heard for your viewing pleasure.

Drive Angry 3-D marks Lussier’s return to the big screen since his hit 2008 remake My Bloody Valentine 3-D. The flick stars Cage as a damned soul looking to run down the pricks that murdered his daughter and abducted his grandchild before Satan’s accountant forces him back to hell. Heard aids him on his quest.

Costars include scene-stealers William Fichtner (”Invasion”) and Billy Burke (Twilight Saga), good-guy David Morse (Disturbia), and a very nude Christa Campbell (2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams), who engages in a cat-fight with Heard (praise Jesus!).

Amber Heard made Clatto’s list of The 20 Hottest Women Working in Horror/Sci-fi Today.

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