ashley_greene__rachelle_lefevre-sexy Looks like Twilight Saga star Rachelle Lefevre (pictured above in white) and “True Blood’s” Stephen Moyer have rung up interest in director Matthew Parkhill’s new supernatural thriller The Caller. North American rights for the film have been picked up by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions.

Peep it:

The official synopsis reads:

When troubled divorcee Mary Kee (Lefevre) begins to receive mysterious phone calls from an unknown caller, she quickly begins to feel haunted in her own home. When she discovers that the person is calling from the past, Mary realizes that she will have to kill her in order to survive, but how do you kill someone living in the past, and what will happen if she fails?

Man, once you’re on a telemarketers list, you’re really screwed. The Caller costars Luis Guzman (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), Lorna Rayer (Drag Me to Hell), Ed Quinn (“Eureka”), and Marise Alvarez (Che).

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