‘Martyrs’ Remake Whips Up a Trailer!


Anchor Bay has released a trailer for co-directors Kevin and Michael Goetz’s American remake of controversial French thriller Martyrs. Produced by Blumhouse and Safran Company, the film is written by Mark L. Smith (Vacancy) and stars Bailey Noble (”True Blood”) and Troian Bellisario (”Pretty Little Liars”).

Released in 2008 to critical acclaim, Martyrs tells the tragic tale of Anna, a severely traumatized young woman out to kill the cult members who abducted her as a child. Her plan goes south when she and her BFF, also a child abuse survivor, are caught by the cult convinced God can be reached through pain.

The remake is solid, but lacks the punch of the original, doing away with much of the gore and torture. It arrives in theaters Jan. 22 and on home video and VOD Feb. 2.

Peep it:

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