Radha Mitchell Is One Sexy Shrink In ‘DreamKatcher’


Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) stars alongside fright icon Lin Shaye (Insidious) in DreamKetchup DreamKatcher, a supernatural thriller about a young boy tormented by visions of his dead mother and the hot milf therapist attempting to snap him out of it while on a road trip with his dad to the woods.

Mitchell plays the sexy shrink, who is left alone with the troubled brat when her boyfriend/his father, played by Henry Thomas (E.T.), must return to the city. Shaye is the mysterious, old kook the hot therapist and boy encounter out in the woods.

In addition to the awesome Silent Hill franchise, Mitchell has starred in a string of notable thrillers, including sci-fi actioners Pitch Black and Surrogates, serial killer dramas Frozen Ground and Evidence, killer croc creature-feature Rogue, and 2010’s remake of George Romero’s classic viral outbreak thriller The Crazies.

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