Catch of the Day: The Background Bikini Babes of ‘Piranha 3-D’


The excitement over director Alexandre Aja’s fish-&-chicks frightener Piranha 3-D is reaching a frenzied state. Baited by Aja’s promise of gut-wrenching gore, frivolous nudity, and girl-on-girl action from glamor model/actress Kelly Brook and porn star Riley Steele, moviegoers are expected to turn out in droves schools when the film opens next week.

But, when the popcorn is gone and the floor is littered with candy wrappers and that sticky stuff guys tell their dates moms is just spilled soda, will anyone stay seated for the credits to find out exactly who topless chick #24 was?

Yea, I didn’t think so.

Fortunately, photos of these fresh-off-the-bus, SAG-card-seeking actress wannabes have hit the net (see below), guaranteeing that their bold career choices will forever be appreciated by chronic masturbators everywhere. That may not be fame and fortune, but it’s definitely God’s work.

To see more bikini-clad background babes go here and here. To see 9-minutes of uncensored Piranha 3-D footage, go here.

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