Namaste, ‘LOST’: Series Finale Airs Tonight, See Interviews w/ Creators!


ABC’s groundbreaking Emmy award-winning sci-fi series “LOST” comes to an end tonight with a two-and-a-half-hour finale that promises to either provide fans with closure or enrage them to the point of lunacy.

The finale is preceded by a two-hour commemorative special entitleĀ  “The Final Journey,” in which the cast flashes back on the show’s run. Jimmy Kimmel Live will cap the night off with a cast reunion show (check your local listings for times).

Miss Muertos and I have already killed the phone lines and ordered up a bucket of Mr. Cluck’s for tonight’s bittersweet event.

While we wait for “The End,” I suggest checking out The New York Times interview clips with show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and stars Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia.

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