Director Darren Lynn Bousman’s long-postponed thriller Mother’s Day played to rave reviews at this year’s Fantastic Fest film festival in Austin, Texas. Word has it that Bousman really brings home the brutality and drama found in screenwriter Scott Milam’s adaptation of the 1980 Troma film of the same name.

The official synopsis reads:

After a bank robbery goes wrong, three brothers head for home only to discover that their mother lost the house in a foreclosure. The new owners and their guests, gathered for an ill-timed birthday party, become the brothers’ unwitting hostages.

Their mother and sister arrive and it soon becomes obvious that Mother will do absolutely anything to protect her children. In one terrifying evening, Mother brilliantly takes control of the situation and masterminds her sons’ escape.

Considering Bousman is the man behind Saw 2 & 3 and Repo! The Genetic Opera, I don’t doubt for a minute that Mother’s Day is going to deliver on kills and suspense. But, what is really impressive about the film is its insanely stroke-worthy female cast.

Milfy Rebecca De Mornay (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) headlines the flick as Mother. Also along for the ride are fashion-model-turned-actress Jaime King (My Bloody Valentine 3-D), sexy TV starlets Deborah Ann Woll (“True Blood”) and A.J. Cook (“Criminal Minds”), up-and-coming babes Briana Evigan (Burning Bright) and Sara Paxton (The Inn Keepers), and genre babe Alexa Vega (Repo! The Genetic Opera).

Mother’s Day has yet to find U.S. distribution.

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