The Ten Sexiest Horror Films of 2018!


Happy New Year! It’s time to look back at the films that scared us stiff in more ways than one in 2018. Lesbians ruled the year, which is always a great thing! There were also webcam girls, clones, ballet dancers, corpses, sorority girls, and busty demons!

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Filmmakers have taken multiple swings at the Lizzie Borden story, but an adaptation has never been more intriguing to our penis than screenwriter Bryce Kass’ lesbian take on the 1892 hatchet murders of Andrew and Abby Borden by their daughter, Lizzie.

Chloe Sevigny (“American Horror Story”) is Lizzie Borden and Kristen Stewart (Twilight) plays her lover and family maid Bridget Sullivan. Lizzie is in her thirties and unwed and just a total outcast. She falls for Bridget quick and the two start a hot and heavy romance that soon leads them to plot the demise of Lizzie’s domineering parents—which they carry out ass-naked!

Stewart remains an okay actress, but is definately in fine form here. Sevigny suffers from a bad case of butterface, which hinders the eroticism some, but there’s no denying her tight little body.

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Blake Lively (The Shallows) stars alongside Anna Kendrick (Twilight Saga) in A Simple Favor, a dark comedic thriller based on the novel by Darcey Bell and adapted for the big screen by screenwriter Jessica Sharzer (”American Horror Story”) and director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids).

Lively plays Emily, a hot milf and fashion industry publicist who mysteriously disappears after asking new friend and mommy vlogger Stephanie, played by Kendrick, to pick up her kid from school. Before going MIA, however, Emily gets Stephanie to confess she fucked her owned brother and shares a hot lesbian kiss with her.

The film is a total fun ride with some very twisted turns and, most importantly for this list, plenty of sensuality/sexuality from Lively, whose body just won’t quit.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Tanya Mityushina, reality TV star Lala Kent (Vanderpump Rules), tween star Mia Frampton (”Make It or Break It”), and model-turned-actress Sarah McDaniel — best known as Playboy’s first non-nude cover-girl — are some of the stunners featured in Lionsgate’s new sorority slasher The Row.

They play insanely hot sorority sisters caught in a serial killer’s murder spree during the arrival of a new pledge at their university. Regrettably there’s no nudity in the film, but its surplus of hot babes earns it a spot on our esteemed list anyway.

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Hellraiser: Judgement, the tenth entry in the popular Hellraiser franchise spawned by Clive Barker’s titillating and terrifying novella, “The Hellbound Heart,” is the kind of sexy that just ain’t pretty. This is strictly for those who enjoy their cheap thrills dirty!

The film follows three detectives sucked into a Cenobite hell while on the trail of a sadistic serial killer. The search leads one of them to an abandon house that serves as a portal to hell, where we begin to meet Pinheads new crew of degenerate demons and minions.

Most strokeworthy are Andi Leah Powers, Mary Kathryn Bryant & Valerie Sharp as the house’s topless big, beautifully titted and butt-baring judges, who swallow sins and/or are sprayed with victim blood! It’s gruesome, but boner-inducing mayhem. There’s a couple of other hotties in the movie and even a topless fat chick for lovers of BBW.

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The Possession of Hannah Grace stars Shay Mitchell as a former cop so hot she could easily be one of those lady officers fired by the department for going nude in Hustler or posting thong pics on Instagram. Here, however, she takes a gig as a morgue assistant on the graveyard shift to get a new start and cease her hard drinking ways. That’s when she meets sexy cadaver Hannah Grace and gets us pumped for some lesbo necrophilia ala Neon Demon.

Unfortunately, the filmmakers take a more traditional route and have Hannah terrorize our hot cop throughout her first night on the gig. Shay’s good looks command attention and keep one’s eye pinned to her when she’s onscreen regardless of what’s happening.

Newcomer Kirby Johnson as Hannah Grace makes for quite an alluring corpse. Strategic lighting regrettably keeps Johnson’s nudity far from being graphic, but her tight, slim figure, pale skin, bright blue eyes, and jittery movements make her absolutely fuckable! She may be dead, but you’ll be the one getting stiff!

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Suspiria, a remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 classic by director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me by Your Name) and writer David Kajganich (The Invasion), features full blown nudity from sexy lead actress Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) and toplessness from Mia Goth (Cure for Wellness).The film is bonkers and quite gory so arousal is challenging, but not nearly as tough as getting through the Fifty Shades saga for a peek at Johnson’s goodies.

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Analeigh Tipton is an erotica novelist who hooks up with an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend Marta Gastini while on a book tour in Europe in the psycho-sexual thriller Compulsion. Tipton’s character immediately falls for Gastini’s and the two start clam-smacking almost as quickly—lots of nude boobs and butts follow!

Tipton soon finds herself with them at a castle owned by a dangerous cult on the brink of sinister actions. Thankfully, it takes awhile to hinder the nudity. Tipton and Gastini are both extremely attractive and make this a must-stroke must-see.

03. CAM


Madeline Brewer (”Handmaid’s Tale”) plays a webcam girl who wakes to find a doppelgänger has taken over her show and online persona in Blumhouse’s CAM. Rather than taking that as a sign to reconnect with her family and get a real job, she attempts to solve the mystery to avoid hard work and responsibility at all cost!

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Elizabeth Harvest stars supermodel-turned-actress Abbey Lee (Dark Tower) as a young, beautiful wife who discovers her brilliant and wealthy scientist husband (Ciaran Hinds) has a secret lab in their home, where he creates and destroys clones of his ex-wife Elizabeth, who happens to look just like her! Lee goes full-frontal and also shares a nude scene with longtime stunner, and no stranger to nude acting, Carla Gugino, who plays her husband’s research partner.

Elizabeth Harvest is written and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez, who also wrote and helmed hilarious sex comedies Women In Trouble and Elektra Luxx, both starring Gugino.

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01. EAT ME


Eat Me is the inspiring love story about a woman who on the night of her suicide attempt meets a sexually deranged home invader who rapes and torments her until they fall in love…well, that’s how we like to see it anyway. We’re romantics.

Jacqueline Wright plays the hot troubled cougar who, in addition to rape, experiences sodomy, golden showers, puppy-play, degradation, and a variety of non consensual foreplay—basically all the stuff we’re online for most of our waking lives! And, then, his buddy shows up!

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