The 10 Sexiest Horror Films of 2014!


We watch horror films to get scared… but sometimes what is most frightening of all isn’t the axe-wielding killer, the evil ghost, or the razor-toothed monster. Sometimes… it’s that strange feeling of titillation that creeps up on us. Why are we feeling aroused by rape, vengeance, torture, and murder?

We’ll tell you why… because you’re disgusting and vile people who get off on the misfortune and misery of others—provided they’re hot of course! Don’t feel bad. Like we’ve told you before… unlike your family or the law, we won’t judge you. In fact, we’ll enable you’re sick and twisted desires!

As we did in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, our annual 10 Sexiest Horror Films of the year are listed below. Comment, complain, or better yet… contribute. What horror films got you off so hard you’re riddled with guilt and self-hate?

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Happy New Year!



Betsy Rue thrilled fans of boobs and blood alike with her 8-minute full-frontal nude turn in the 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine, attempting to escape a killer in nothing but a pair of heels. This year, Rue rewarded fans for their undying devotion to her vaginal charms by once again going commando in Lucky Bastard.

Rue plays single mom turned adult star Ashley Saint, a performer caught at the center of a porn mope’s revenge plot after he is humiliated for ejaculating prematurely on the LuckyBastard.com, a pro-am site that pairs fans with their favorite starlets. Gorgeous Catherine Annette also provides full-frontal thrills.



“Pretty Little Liars” star Tammin Sursok toplines Cam2Cam, a slasher from director Joel Soisson (Children of the Corn: Genesis) about an American webcam model in Bangkok trying to stay alive amidst a group of online sex entertainers harboring a demented secret.

Sursok does not go nude in the cyber-thriller, but three of her stunning co-stars do: Sarah Bonrepaux (ABCs of Death), Jade Tailor (Don’t Pass Me By), and Alessa Aichinger (Vamp Bikers), making this more of a Mam2Mam affair.



Vampyres is Victor Matellano’s remake of recently deceased Spanish fright master José Ramón Larraz’s 1974 classic Vampyres, a kink-fueled tale centered on a pair of lesbian vampires and the victims they lure to their lair with promises of hot orgy sex.

Spanish stunners Marta Flich (Omnivores) and Almudena Leon (Wax) play the lesbian bloodsuckers. They meet their match when a group of tourists they target includes a man with a mysterious past. The screenplay is written by Matellano and Larraz, who passed in the fall of 2013.



Spanish filmmaker Manuel Martin Cuebca’s Cannibal is an erotically charged tale about a coldblooded cannibal who unexpectedly develops a taste for love when he meets a tasty new morsel, played by Romanian starlet Olimpia Melinte.

The film finds a mild-mannered tailor in a sleepy Spanish town who slices up undocumented Eastern European women for use in his extravagant entrees. Melinte and newcomer Delphine Tempels go full frontal in the pic, and get a T&A assist from Sara Velazquez.



XLrator Media’s The Scribbler is an adaptation of Daniel Schaffer’s 2006 graphic novel, starring the gorgeous Katie Cassidy as a woman risking her sanity with an experimental machine designed to eliminate her multiple personalities.

Cassidy, who currently stars as Black Canary on The CW’s hit superhero show “Arrow,” goes topless in the film, a rarity for the blonde stunner. But, that’s just the icing on the nipple. Human Centipede babe Ashlynn Yennie co-stars as an unstable woman with a fear of clothes, going full-frontal and back.



Writer and director Joe Swanberg’s 24 Exposures is a serial killer drama set in the world of fetish porn. Billy, a photographer who stages eroticized female death scenarios for his pictures, becomes the prime suspect in a string of murder cases involving his models.

The film is chockful of boobs, butts, and lesbian action from Sophia Takal (V/H/S), Helen Rogers (V/H/S), Caroline White (Open Five 2) and Lydia Hyslop (Lake Dead). Throw in a little necrophilia and your movie night is made!



Wrong Turn 6 is the newest sequel in the hugely successful hillbilly horror series from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Directed by a dude named Valeri Milev and written by another guy named Frank H. Woodward, the slasher amped up the nudes this year.

Along with presenting plenty of boobs and tush, the sequel featured one of its most attractive female casts to date including British stunner Roxanne Pallett (Lake Placid 3), “Game of Thrones” whore Talitha Luke-Eardley (pictured), Sadie Katz (Scorned), and super hot Aqueela Zoll (Diary of a Psychopath).



Parlor stars horror icon Robert Lasardo as an international renowned tattoo artist living in Lithuania where he targets American tourists for use in his underground business: selling custom portraits created on tapestries made of human skin (peep the review).

Parlor is brutally gruesome and bloody and a welcome throwback to the shameless slasher, gleefully mixing sex and violence to guilt-inducing new heights. There’s great nudity here from a stunning cast of female leads and extras, including Finnish model/actress and real-life tattoo artist Sara Fabel and busty British lad magazine model Beth Humphreys.

Parlor premiered at this year’s Screamfest Film Festival. No word on when it will hit theaters or home video, but it makes this list because we dug it and want to get you further pumped for its release.



Paz de la Huerta became a bona fide star after a string of jaw-dropping nude scenes on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” Since then, her naked butthole can be seen just about anywhere. This, of course, is a good thing and used gloriously in Lionsgate’s Nurse 3D.

Huerta, who plays a homicidal nurse with lesbian tendencies, goes completely nude in the slasher, leaving nothing to the imagination—the way God intended movie nudity to be. Added shots of stroke-value come from Katrina Bowden, exposing some squeezable cheeks, and Vanessa Lai Fox boobage.



Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin is an adaptation of Michel Faber’s debut novel about an alien disguised as a hot slut out to seduce and trap the men of earth as food for her species. Unlike Lifeforce, in which a nude alien vampress does the same, Under the Skin is pure (f)art-house fare.

What makes it a must-see/must-own masterpiece is the onscreen nude debut of Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett puts it all out there (the trifecta of nudity: boobs, bush, butt) and it is wonderful.

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